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  • Top Rated Automotive Oil Change Service In Kamloops

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Radiator Flush


Over time rust, scale and other harmful residues can build up throughout your engine’s cooling system.

Traditional methods of simply draining the radiator will not remove all of your old coolant or clean your system.

If used fluid and residue is left in your radiator, it will contaminate the new coolant and eventually can cause clogging and overheating that will decrease the life of your radiator, heater core, thermostat, water pump, and consequently, major engine components.

Overheating due to contaminated coolant is the 2nd biggest cause of vehicle breakdown according to the highway transportation board of North America.

What is happening under the hood?

  • We add a flush additive to the old coolant, to loosen contaminants and clean the system
  • Our advanced exchange techniques remove virtually 100% of old fatigued coolant in just 15 minutes.
  • Removal of rust and corrosion in the system
  • Breakdown and removal in hard water scale, phosphate sludge, and silica gel in the heater core
  • When we add the new coolant, we also include a conditioning additive, to protect your cooling system from future wear
  • We utilize a clean, safe and environmentally friendly chemical recycling process


When should the service be done?

It is recommended that this service be done every 2 to 4 years, or every 40,000-80,000 km to improve the overall efficiency of your cooling system.

What are the benefits?

There are many valuable benefits your vehicle will receive from this service:

Clean anti-freeze will not only extend the life of all parts involved in the cooling system, but prevent heat damage to other critical parts of the engine as well.

With new coolant, your engine will run cooler, and more efficiently.