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Transmission Fluids


Our transmission is the unit that converts the explosions inside your engine, into rotational power at the wheels.

Using different combinations of gears, your transmission delivers different combinations of power and speed. Higher gears will give you less power (torque), but more speed. Lower gears will give you higher power, but lower speeds.

Transmissions operate under extremely high temperatures and pressure. Because of the pressure inside the transmission, there is a lot of force exerted on the internal parts, causing degradation of the fluid and components.

A new transmission contains over 3000 parts and most of them are moving parts that require lubrication. With contaminated transmission fluid, and a plugged filter, these parts do not receive adequate lubrication. When this happens, wear and failure can occur.

You should have a transmission service done if you notice any of the following conditions:

  • Poor shifting when changing gears
  • Contaminated fluid will not allow the transmission gears to mesh properly
  • The transmission may grind or shift roughly without proper lubrication
  • Poor performance
  • A plugged transmission filter will not allow optimal flow of transmission fluid, resulting in delayed shifts and sluggishness
  • Poor fuel economy

Because your transmission delivers the power from the engine to the wheels, it will take more work (more fuel) from the engine to account for the lost power.

When should the service be done?

Almost all manufacturers require their vehicles to have transmission services,

ranging from 30 000 km to 80 000 km.

Transmission Service – What’s in it for me?

The main benefits of a transmission service will be:

  • Improved Shifting
  • Reconditioning of seals and O-rings
  • More efficient heat dissipation

90% of transmission failures are caused by fluid contamination and overheating.

The transmission is the second most important component of your vehicle, second only to the engine itself.

A new transmission will cost thousands of dollars to replace; while maintaining your transmission, at only a fraction of the cost.