Top Rated Automotive Oil Change Service In Kamloops

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  • Top Rated Automotive Oil Change Service In Kamloops

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Why Our Customers Choose Us

Customer feedback via emails & testimonials we receive from review websites.

The staff was very helpful, and a pleasure to do business with


Appreciate the recommendation of additive in engine oil


I found Jaclyn to be very professional and great at her job! TY for all the excellent service!


Professional. Fast. Helpful. Accommodating and provided fact based info regarding what kind of oil to get. Did not feel taken advantage of (being a women) or misled.


Always like going here – friendly, knowledgeable staff


Thank you for your fantastic service I know its your job but you do it very well. I sent my wife to get the oil changed and the tires swapped out. I never ever heard her say she enjoyed doing that kind of thing she was very impressed with your service and knowledge. Thanks big time! Cheers!


I was there March 6, with my 7.3 diesel, best oil change ever, attendant was friendly, and knowledgeable, plus a vacuum and car wash. This is my new hangout.

Kevin W.

I have gone here multiple times, both with a newer truck and my old Ford. Every time I’m treated very well, am given honest feedback about my vehicle, and the work is done well and quick every time. Most places try to make me complete a few hundred dollars worth of service to my Ford, make me feel guilty if I don’t. Mobil 1 tells me what I need, and lets me decide on my own time and power what and when to get the work done it needs. I highly recommend Mobile 1!

Scott M.

My company does work for them so at first I just went out of company loyalty, but now I would go there regardless. Got an oil change done, the mechanics were personable, explained things in simple terms, made me aware of everything, didn’t make me feel bad for opting for cheaper options. I could see them smiling and joking in the back and I thought it made for a positive environment. Definitely recommend it!

Lila R.